What is Bottom App Bars? Key properties of the Bottom App Bar

What is Bottom App Bars?

Instead of using Top App Bars, sometimes we can also use the Bottom App Bars. In the Bottom app bar display navigation and key operations at the bottom of the mobile screens.

Usages of Bottom app bars:

Bottom app bars allows us to access the bottom navigation drawer with the actions (up to 4 actions), including the Floating Action Button.

  1. Make the bottom app bar actionable, highlight the important actions on the screen, and boost the importance of the floating action button.

2. Make the bottom action bar flexible. Change the layout according to the actions taken on the bottom app bar. Like when clicked on an action, the floating action button shift to right or center.

When to use:

Bottom app bars should be used for:

  • Screens with two to five actions
  • Mobile Devices only
  • Access to a bottom navigation drawer

When not to use:

Bottom app bars shouldn’t be used for:

  • Apps with a bottom navigation bar
  • Screens with one or no actions

Key properties of Bottom App Bar

The bottom app bar has a container and an optional navigation icon, an anchored floating action button (FAB), action item(s), and an overflow menu.

  1. Container
  2. Navigation icon (optional)
  3. Floating action button (FAB) (optional)
  4. Action item(s) (optional)
  5. Overflow menu (optional)

Want to know, how to use the Bottom App Bar in Android, then CLICK HERE.

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