Text Recognition from Images using Firebase ML Kit in Android

Step 1: First, create a firebase project and link it with the android project. Make sure to add the google-services.json file in the app folder.

Step 2: Add the dependencies for firebase in the android build.gradle app module.

Step 3: Add the camera features in the AndroidManifest.xml file

Step 4: Design the main XML file

Step 5: to display the extracted text from an image, we use a custom dialog to show the extracted text, for that we need to create a custom layout file. Create a custom layout (/res/layout/custom_dialog.xml).

Step 6: Now add the java codes to recognize the text from images.

  • First, we capture the image using the camera and display it in the image view.
  • Then when we click on the Detect Text button, it will call the custom dialog method as well as to detect text from the image method.
  • Full Java code of main activity


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