Firebase Phone Authentication UI | Android Studio | Java

Firebase Phone Authentication UI | Android Studio | Java

In this blog, we’re going to design a firebase phone authentication UI (User Interface) with Country Code Picker. In the later part, we will discuss its functionality.

Step 1: add the dependency

here we will use two dependencies. One is for Country Code Picker and another one is for the Loader.

Step 2: Login page

  • now in the login XML file, add the country code picker, and edit text for the phone number. And add a button to go to the verification page.

here I used my app logo and a text view to show the page name that is login. You can change it according to your requirements.


  • Now in the login java file initialize the country code picker, edit text, and button. And add the onClick listener on the button to go to the Verification Page. Just for this blog, we will redirect it to the verification page. Later we will add the functionality.

this code snippet will allow the window to extend outside of the screen.

Step 3: Verification Page

On the verification page, we simply add an edit text for the OTP and a button to go to the main page after verification by the firebase.

loader visibility is gone because we want when the user will enter the valid OTP it will load and bring the user to the main page.


Now in the verification java file initialize our loader, edit text, text view, and button.

In the later part, we will use our firebase phone authentication sign-in method in our android app.

Stay tuned for the next part.

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