Blood Donation android app using Firebase as a database in Kotlin

Golap Gunjan Barman
2 min readNov 13, 2022


The major objective of OneBlood is to give guidance to the overall public and blood banks as far as finding the ideal closest blood donors in their critical crossroads and also sparing their time and hustle in hunting down a specific donor (Rare blood types) to avoid and reduce the loss of lives in emergencies cases.

The patient will get more insights concerning the procured blood donor. The closest position of donor and victim is determined by an inherent component of the Global Positioning System in their mobile phones and finds the course from the present position.

A dynamic location base blood donation application to find blood or platelet donors in case of emergencies within the region.

To help educate and encourage people about blood gifting.

What OneBlood provide?

The proposed application will be developed using Android studio and java programming language, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime on any android smartphone with API 21 and above and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

Donors will be available on a Google map sheet on the Home interface of the application and be displayed according to the type of blood group selected. The selected donor information including updated geolocation will be displayed. To contact a donor, the user can choose CALL or the in-app chat feature.

Other Special Features include:

  1. Notifications to available of donors, powered by Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  2. Emergencies contacts.
  3. Preliminary in-app verification of users.


The high-level view of the final objective is to design a scalable and easily maintainable and friendly application that can relate to the general public and complement the existing systems in the country and also the traditional ways in which blood is acquired at blood banks.

Ideally, the software should:

  1. Should be able to display the location of the available donors.
  2. Should be able to provide users with basic emergencies contacts numbers.
  3. Locate social blood donation groups.
  4. Able to chat with the donor directly for more clarification
  5. Call the user directly for more information


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