Best laptop for Android App Development 2021

Best laptop for Android App Development 2021 under 60000/-

Most of the android app developers or who want to develop the android app asked this question that, which one is the best laptop to buy for android app development.

Here I will not talk about the MAC products. This post is only about Windows users.

Before that first, see what the official android studio recommended for Windows.

Let’s talk about specifications one by one


Don’t buy your laptop from any cheap company. Try to buy it from recommended brands (Acer, Lenovo, Dell, HP, ASUS, etc.)

Screen Display Size

Recommended 15-inch but you can also buy 14-inch screen laptops.


For a better experience, I recommend you to go with the latest processor.

But you can use Core i7 and i5 processors. Also, you can use an i3 processor but I will not recommend you to buy a laptop with an i3 processor.


Android studio recommends 8GB RAM. So I also recommend you to use 8GB RAM.


SSD gives you speed. So if you want SSD on your laptop then go for you. I recommend 250GB SSD.

Now the question is, is there any laptop that accomplishes these requirements?

Yes, there are several laptops that accomplish these requirements.


  • Try not to buy pre-installed Windows.
  • Focus on Specifications.
  • Make sure there is a service center for your laptop.

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