Android Studio plugins and tools for Android Developer

In this blog, we’re going to see some of the android plugins and tools that are very helpful for every android developer.

As android developers, we get more options to make it easier for us to work with Android Studio. In the last release (Android Studio 4.1), we got navigation support for Dagger/Hilt and database inspector. However, there are still many plugins and tools without which we cannot imagine our work with Android Studio.


Similar to Sublime or Xcode, the CodeGlance plugin embeds a code minimap in the editor. The scrollbar gets a little bigger too. Codeglance previews the file’s code pattern, letting us quickly navigate to the desired section.

Rainbow Brackets

Nested brackets and the parentheses can be torture for programmers, especially when something goes missing. Rainbow Brackets plugin adds rainbow colors to your code for the round, square, and curly braces. For developers just starting out and for those who find themselves stuck in large blocks of code, it’s a savior for the developer.

ADB Idea

ADB Idea provides single click shortcut commands for start, uninstall, kill the app, revoke permissions, and to clear application data.

To invoke this plugin you can go to Tools->Android->ADB Idea menu

JSON To Kotlin Class

Plugin for Kotlin to convert JSON String into Kotlin data class code quickly.

Fast use it with short cut key ALT + K on Windows or Option + K on Mac.

Additionally, it supports:

  • A range of JSON library annotations — Gson, Jackson, Fastjson, Moshi, LoganSquare, and more
  • Initializing properties with default values and allowing them to be nullable
  • Renaming property names to be camelCase style and generating classes as inner or individual classes
  • Loading JSON From Local File/Http URL provided the JSON string is valid

Clear Cache

Typically, when a developer needs to remove the cache, they have to traverse the .gradle directory. That’s time-consuming. You could create a Gradle script to accelerate this process, but why reinvent the wheel?

By using the Clear Cache plugin we can retrieve all packages with the given prefix and delete those that are no longer required.

FCM Helper

Plugin for the FCM notification configuration with Services and metadata for the Kotlin.

If you want to integrate FCM notification then you can integrate it with fewer efforts using this plugin.


Vysor is an application that allows you to mirror and control your Android device via your computer. It is very useful for demo or discussions about the application’s layout.

Take a Note

Please remember, overdoing plugins in your IDE won’t accelerate your workflow. Instead, it might significantly slow down the performance of your Android Studio.

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