Android Online Voting App using Firebase as Admin Panel

Golap Gunjan Barman
3 min readDec 15, 2021

Android Online Voting App using Firebase

Here, in this blog, I have to show you an android app where firebase is used as a backend service. Android Studio is used for the frontend, whole design and coding is done by using XML and Java. Firebase Realtime database is used for storing user data.

Also in the Firebase Realtime Database, the admin can have several candidates but have to use only 4 parties, i.e. more than one candidate from one party but they must have from Janata Party, Republic Party, Democratic Party, and Muslim Party.

You can change the parties in the Java code, according to your changes your database values will change. Later I will show you how data is represented in the Firebase.


Splash, Registration, and Log in

In the registration, we simply take the user’s Phone number, Name, and Password along with also sending some values to the database. Like initially user’s vote is 0 and when the user votes for a particular party then the vote will become 1. Same for the party vote.

Screenshots of the screens

Home Page

Here I display the current candidate’s name, party name, and Image and a Button with Vote Now. When the user clicks on the Vote Now Button then a popup screen will appear, where it is clearly mentioned that the user needs to add their Fingerprint or Biometric to continue.



After Biometric authentication user will redirect to a screen where the user needs to add an ID number that must be 10 digits. After entering the number user will redirect to the Face Detection Page, where the user needs to show their face and verify as human. Here Firebase Face Detection Feature is used to detect faces.


All-Party Page

After face detection is completed, the user will redirect to the all-party page, where the user is able to see all the candidates that participate in the election. Click on a particular candidate to check the details information of the candidate. All details are fetched from the database that the admin added.



After getting the details user can vote by clicking the Vote button. Then user votes will store in the database.


Admin Page

Here admin can check the total votes and the parties’ votes also be able to check the individual votes.



How to upload candidates in the Firebase

That’s it. This is all about the Online Voting app. This app is basically for Final year students’ final project purposes.

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