Android Online Voting App using Firebase | Android Studio | Java

Android Online Voting App using Firebase | Android Studio | Java

In this blog, we’re going to an android online voting app using the firebase database.


They also, protect the integrity of your vote by preventing voters from being able to vote multiple times.

Our System Make the use of Firebase as backend, for login, registration, and for storage purpose which makes our system highly secured and reliable.

It also uses the Firebase ML kit for face detection which allows us to vote, one person at a time.

This application also verifies biometric with the help of a fingerprint sensor.

Technologies Used

  • · Firebase
  • · Biometrics
  • · Firebase ML Kit

About the App

This application is user-friendly and easy to use for online voting securely and conveniently.

This application allows users to create an account with their number, which will be used for login purposes.

This application also ensures that only those person are allowed to vote who are eligible for the vote, this task accomplished by allowing the user to enter their ID, which will check their Date of Birth that is stored in the firebase database.

Existing System

The existing system does not provide high security, as in our system their use of firebase makes OVS more secure and reliable.

Risk of Vote Redundancy and formatting as with the traditional method it may be possible that there will be redundancy in the votes and formatting.

High In cost, as the traditional system of voting is very high in cost, because there is a need to set up a voting booth at every place and cost of machines is also increase the whole cost.

Time Consuming, as the traditional system of voting takes a lot of time to complete the whole process of voting, there are lots of plans are prepared to conduct voting which is a time-consuming process also in setting up the voting booth and categories the regions and also rest process after voting that is counting vote is also time-consuming.


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