Android Fitness App using SQLite Database

Android Fitness App using SQLite Database

In this blog, we’re going to see how to create a Fitness app using SQLite Database. In this blog, you can learn many basic points of android app development, like, how to use SQLite database, how to create onboarding screens, how to handle fragments, how to handle menu items in both toolbar and drawer navigation bar, how to implement card view, date picker, time picker, how to use a stopwatch, how to implement graphs, etc.

Before going to see the steps, like see the demo first.

Android Fitness app using SQLite Database

  • The app is targeted at people of any age.
  • Who wants to monitor their day-to-day exercise report.
  • Who wants to maintain their BMI (Body Mass Index) and FFMI (Fat-Free Mass Index) level.
  • Who wants to maintain their body parts increasing and decreasing.

Features of the App

  • Register with Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and Height.
  • Different card views for sets, reps, and weights.
  • Records everyday exercise with weights, sets, and reps.
  • User can check their report on the graph.
  • User can check their previous activity on history.
  • Users can check their BMI and FFMI levels.
  • Users maintain their body parts improvement, like their biceps, thighs, chests, etc.

Application Uses

  • SQLite as Database
  • OnBoarding Screens.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Calculation.
  • Data Access Objects (DAO) classes.
  • Date and Time picker.
  • Graph
  • File chooser
  • Date converter
  • Alarm manager
  • Keyboard

Functionalities used

  • OnBoarding Screens with Registration Screen
  • MPAndroidChart
  • JavaCSV
  • Millisecond-Chronometer
  • LicensesDialog
  • PagerSliding TabStrip
  • Smart TabLayout
  • Circular ImageView
  • Circle Progress
  • KToast
  • Sweet AlertDialog
  • Android-Image-Cropper
  • Material Favorite Button


Contact Details:

Gmail id:

WhatsApp: +91 8473855948

Instagram id: @androidapps.development.blogs




Hi everyone, myself Golap an Android app developer with UI/UX designer.

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Golap Gunjan Barman

Golap Gunjan Barman

Hi everyone, myself Golap an Android app developer with UI/UX designer.

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