Android App for Hospital Management System using Firebase

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This project is based on the hospital management. Using this app, users can book an Ambulance for their emergency purposes, they can book appointments with doctors according to the requirements at any time. Users can chat with the doctors for any help. Users can book lab tests using this app by calling the lab directly through the app. Users can check the nearby hospitals using this app. Also, using this Android app, anyone can detect or predict disease (Human disease).

In disease prediction user needs to select the symptoms from the options and the app will give you the probable result with the link to get more details. There is one extra disease detection feature, where users can detect different diseases of humans like Brain Tumor, Skin Cancer, Lung Cancer, and COVID disease using Deep Learning (CNN) and implementation in Android.

The Android application is developed for the purpose of providing users with an easy way to interact with the app to book ambulances, book appointments with doctors, check hospitals and detect what is going on in their health.

This app comes with a feature to help everyone who wants to check their health at home. This app comes with a gallery integrated to allow us to import an image from the gallery to detect.

For disease detection, Machine Learning (Tensorflow) is used to create a disease detection model. That model is worked as the backend of the app and the Android app is used as the frontend to detect the disease. Further, it gives information about the steps that need to be followed on how to improve the health or take necessary actions.


· Admin: The admin is the one who administers the system and inputs updates.

· User login: Users have to create an account in the system by registering themselves. Then they may log into the system and can utilize services. The user’s data is stored in the Firebase database.

· Book Ambulance: Book the ambulance from the category of the ambulance. Users can chat with the owner, review them, call, and get the directions of the ambulance owner.

· Book an appointment with a doctor: Book an appointment with the doctor according to the need. Users can chat with the doctors, review them, call, and the directions of the doctor through Google Maps.

· Detection: The system contains a TensorFlow lite model that can detect the disease from the image that is imported from the gallery. After taking the image it processes the image using a deep learning algorithm then from the model we get the three best results. Using the Priority queue method from the three best results we picked the highest percentage and showed it to the user.

· Precaution: After getting the result of the image, we give a precaution option to the user to get the cure for the disease.

· Disease Checker: There is a section called Disease Checker under Medi-Consult, where users can check their health for those who do not have cancer and tumors. They need to follow the steps and it will give you a result.

· Nearby Hospitals: Using this app users can find nearby hospitals in case of emergency.

Software Requirements

· Windows 9/10/11

· PyCharm/Jupyter (Machine Learning)

· Android Studio (4.2.1 or above)

· Firebase

Hardware Components

· Processor — i5

· Memory — 8GB RAM


· Provides instant results to the disease.

· Book any ambulance that is available at any time.

· Book any doctors that are available at any time.

· It can detect more than 5 diseases in a single app.

· Reduces tedious work to go to the diagnostic center to verify.

· Provides information about different hospitals that are in the vicinity.

· Provides quick access and is affordable.

· Provides quick disease check

· Provides quick health check-ups

· The system saves time and reduces human efforts.


· It requires an internet connection.

· Sometimes false image gives false results.

· Can add more language or voice assistant features.


· It can be used by everyone who knows how to handle an app.

· It can be used by hospitals, small chamber doctors, etc.

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