Android App for Doctor Appointment System using Firebase

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The proposed application will provide doctors and users with separate interfaces according to their roles. The interface for the doctors will give options to select their category according to their profession. On the other hand, users can access the doctor's profile and directly consult them or book an appointment

Users can directly chat with the doctors using the built-in chat features. Also, the user can make advance payments to the doctor.

Users can also review the doctors. On the other hand in the doctor module, the doctor can monitor their appointment list.

Project Domain

This project is mainly applicable to the Doctor appointment System. The Govt. or any private company can use this app for the patient’s appointment.

Making two interfaces (User/Doctoe) in this app helps manage all the activities efficiently and reduces user data and effort.

Google Map APIs help the user to find nearby hospitals.

Problem Statement

Nowadays, standing in line for an appointment with a doctor is too hard. Its time taking. Finding the right doctor is also a hard task for people nowadays. Now using this app users or patients can find the right doctor for their treatment and make an appointment with that doctor.

Objectives of the Project Work

The interface for the doctor provides different options for the doctors to register in the app.

Reduce the time of the user to find the right doctor.

On the other hand, the user can directly contact to the doctor and make an appointment.

Technical Details

Software Requirements:

Android Studio


Google Map

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core i5 1.6GHz


speed: 2.50GHz-2.70GHz

Hard Disk: 500GB

System Type:64-bit Operating System

Input Device: Standard keyboard and Mouse

Output Device: Monitor

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